• Net Weight: 90.7 kg
  • Product #: Plain - 815073 / with MOS product - 815075

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AB Formulation

for cows & calfs during times of stress or increased mineral & vitamin demand

Masterfeeds Rite-Lix 16 AN and Maxi Bloc are available in AB formulations with All-Brew® to support gut health and development. Rite-Lix Maxi AB and 16 AN AB Blocks are a great addition to any calving health protocol.


Stable gut health is critical for raising profitable beef cattle. It’s even more important during calving season as newborn calves experience many stresses at an early stage of life. All-Brew reinforces function of the digestive system and can help maintain the nutritional status of the calf. The Alltech Gut Health Management program focuses on supporting animal performance by promoting good bacteria, building defenses and maximizing growth and efficiency.

Get the right start:

  • Support nutrient transfer from cow to calf 
  • Promote good bacteria
  • Optimize colostrum quality
  • Support early growth and performance
  • Reduce use of therapeutic treatments

Post Calving

Get the most from your feed:

  • Maximize feed utilization, growth and efficiency
  • Build immunity
  • Support weight gain
  • Develop gastrointestinal integrity and stability
  • Enhance gut development

ALL-BREW Feeding Recommendation:

Start using your Rite-Lix with All-Brew 30 days pre-calving and until your youngest calf is 45 days of age.