• Net Weight: 25 kg
  • Product #: 200 467 17P

Blueprint® Nutrition Program
Dairy Dry 200 Diary Premix
Formulated to prepare dairy cattle for calving and breeding

Successful nutrition programs require planning. Blueprint Dairy Premixes are a unique and effective approach to dairy cattle nutrition, designed with cutting-edge nutritional technologies for today’s advanced dairy genetics.

At the core of the Blueprint product line are natural nutritional solutions from Alltech, a global leader in animal health and nutrition. For the past eight years, Alltech has invested in the science of Nutrigenomics, which studies how nutrition affects animals on the gene level.

Blueprint is formulated with Alltech’s Total Replacement Technology (TRT) – organic trace minerals that support absorption, retention, and utilization in dairy cattle. Alltech has demonstrated through Nutrigenomics that modern management of mineral nutrition can take place at significantly lower inclusion levels, while helping support overall animal performance. This approach also corresponds with global environmental expectations of reduced mineral excretion.

Blueprint, formulated with Alltech solutions and manufactured by Masterfeeds, is designed to work synergistically to help dairy cattle reach their full genetic potential.

Feeding & Management Notes:

For use in dairy heifers and dry cows. Feed up to 200g as recommended by your nutritionist as part of a well-balanced ration.

Provide adequate clean fresh water.

Contact your Masterfeeds Account Manager for specific feeding directions.


Total Replacement Technology.
100% organic trace minerals.

Elevated levels of Vitamins A, D and E.
Promotes optimal health status.

Contains highly available magnesium and a mineral prole.
Favourable for preventing metabolic problems in the dry period.

Contains select GH.
Helps maintain a healthy rumen.
Promotes high immune status.

Highly palatable.
Promotes increased intake.

Contains Salt.
Regulates intake.

The Blueprint for Performance through Nutrition:

  • Highly efficient trace mineral fortification
  • Promote reproductive performance
  • Support the body’s natural defense system
  • Support health antioxidant status