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    BioRite Container
    for use in pasture or range grazing situations, free stall barns or along the bunk line

    The BioRite container is biodegradeable and edible. Made of natural products the container is partially consumed or breaks away at the same level as the Rite-Lix Supplements. After the Rite-Lix product is consumed, the bottom of the BioRite container will break down and degrade over time. The need for collection and return is eliminated. The BioRite container is recommended for use in pasture or range grazing situations, free stall barns or along the bunkline. When used in excessively muddy or wet conditions, increased degradation may occur. Plan product positioning of the BioRite container accordingly.


    As cattle consume Rite-Lix in the BioRite form, the container’s sides are partially consumed and/or break down. Usually the BioRite walls and Rite-Lix supplement will be at the same level as the supplement is consumed. After Rite-Lix is consumed, the bottom of the BioRite container remains to break down, degrade and disappear.


    No waste or litter in pasture.

    Made of straw and soy flour.
    Safe for cows to eat. Does not allow the product to “wick” through, as with other cardboard or fibre containers.

    All natural.
    Manufactured from the ground straw coated with a soy flour solution for binding and is then press and environmentally friendly.

    Tub degrades at level of product.
    Can see how much is left from a distance.

    The one way supplementation solution.
    Save time and money, no need to collect or dispose of barrels.

    Thickness stronger than cardboard.
    Maintains integrity during storage.

    Now with Moistureguard®.
    A protective coating applied to the BioRite container that broadens the application and effectiveness of the biodegradable containers by guarding it from wet conditions. It is composed of an edible, food-grade wax coating that helps protect and slow down degradation in wet conditions.


    • Normal product handling may cause the free-board to break away in some areas. This is a natural feature of a biodegradable container. It will not harm the product or supplement consumption.
    • It is recommended that the BioRite container be handled in a way that will limit free-board degradation until the supplement is fed.
    • The BioRite container can be easily rolled to move into place.
    • Care in handling will reduce the amount of free-board that breaks away.
    • Using a strap around the container will allow you to easily slide the BioRite container on smooth, hard services.
    • It is recommended not to stack more than three BioRite containers on top of one another.