Director Heat Abatement Technology Dairy Ration (Pellets)
    Aids Performance During the Heat Stress Period

    During the heat of summer, maintaining DMI and a healthy rumen environment is key to maintaining milk production and butter fat yield. Masterfeeds Heat Stress Dairy Pellet is formulated to provide dairy cows with key nutrients and additives that can help lessen the effects of heat stress on cow health and performance during the heat of summer. This pellet also contains Director, Masterfeeds Patented Heat Abatement Technology, which has been proven to help maintain feed intake and productivity when added to diets ahead of the heat stress period and throughout the heat stress season.

    Benefits of the 1 kg/head/day Heat Stress Dairy Pellet:

    • Supplies 100 g/hd/day of Director Heat Abatement Technology Director Heat Abatement Technology helps address energy needs and feed intake during periods of heat stress.
    • Highly digestible multiple protein sources supplying high levels of rumen by-pass/metabolizable protein.
    • Contains yeast to aid in digestion.
    • Contains buffers to help with electrolyte losses during heat stress.
    • Contains high level of supplemental fat including ruminally inert fat to help reduce metabolic heat production during periods of heat stress and supply needed energy during periods of reduced intake.
    • Supplemented levels of vitamins and trace minerals to help combat the effects of heat stress.
    • Calcium and phosphorus supplied in equal amounts to ensure addition does not alter the existing calcium to phosphorus ratio.
    • Highly digestible fiber sources to help maintain rumen function.

    Contact your Masterfeeds Account Manager for more information on Director Heat Abatement Technology research and results.