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Toronto Elevators at Queens Quay

Toronto Elevators Limited

Gordon C. Leitch establishes Toronto Elevators Limited at Queen’s Quay, Toronto.

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F. W. Presant, founder of Masterfeeds

Master Stock & Poultry Feeds are introduced to Ontario farmers

F. W. Presant, founder of Masterfeeds, was hired by
G. C. Leitch to establish a commercial feed division. 

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Formulation binder

Original Masterfeeds Formulations

F. W. Presant kept the beginnings of Masterfeeds – formulations and meticulous updates - in a small ringed binder.


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The Master Research Farm

The Master Research Farm

The Master Research Farm begins operations at Leitchcroft Farms, Thornhill, Ontario. A new feed plant is erected at Queen’s Quay.

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C. L. (Andy) Anderson

Feed-Rite Mills Ltd.

Feed-Rite Mills Ltd., established by C. L. (Andy) Anderson, begins producing feed from a single plant on Higgins Avenue in downtown Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Feed-Rite grew gradually after the Second World-War, building new feed production plants in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, eventually becoming the largest feed production company in Western Canada.

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MLM logo



Toronto Elevators purchases a feed mill and storage capacity in Owen Sound

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Toronto Elevators purchases St. Clair Grain & Feeds Limited

Toronto Elevators Purchases 48% of St. Clair Grain & Feeds Limited and combines it with existing operations in Chatham and Ridgetown.

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Toronto Elevators acquires Kent Mills

Toronto Elevators acquires Kint Mills in Chatham and convertes it to a feed mill.

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Toronto Elevators obtaines shares and capital of Hogg & Lytle Ltd.

Toronto Elevators obtaines all outstanding shares and capital of Hogg & Lytle Ltd. and expandes its retail branch network in Ontario.

(photo: news.ourontario.ca)

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Toronto Elevators acquires Baden plant

Toronto Elevators acquires Baden Plant from Dominion Linseed Company for $200,000 and converts it to a feed mill.

(photo: spacing.ca)

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Toronto Elevators constructs new feed plants

Toronot Elevators constructs new feed plants in Prescott, Ontario and Edmonton, Alberta.

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Toronto Elevators Limited, Maple Leaf Milling Company and Purity Flour Mills amalgamate to form Maple Leaf Mills Ltd.

Numerous feed brands were part of the heritage of the new company including Master Feeds and Pioneer Feeds/Cafeteria Feeds (later known as Pioneer Cafeteria Feeds). The animal nutrition brand that emerged for Maple Leaf Mills Ltd. was Master Feeds. Master Feeds now operates feed plants in Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes.

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Maple Leaf Mills acquires Hillcrest Farms

Hillcrest Farms was a feed business in St. John’s, Newfoundland,

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Maple Leaf Mills acquires Quaker Oats Company

Maple Leaf Mills acquires the agricultural division of Quaker Oats Company including the Full-O-Pep feed plant in Guelph, Ontario.

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Feed-Rite plant in Brandon, Manitoba.

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Master Feeds research farm is relocated to a new site in Hornby, Ontario.

A new feed plant is constructed in Komoka, Ontario.

(photo: ourontario.ca)

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Dry Pet Food Plant

A dry pet food plant is opened in Guelph, Ontario.

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New Feed Plants

A new MasterFeeds feed plant is opened in Cavan, Ontario.

Feed-Rite builds its third feed plant in Humboldt, Saskatchewan. 

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Feed-Rite builds a new large-capacity plant

Feed-Rite begins consttruction of a new large-capacity plant in the St. Boniface district of Winnipeg, renown for its concentration of meat packing plants. 

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Feed-Rite acquires existing Solar Feeds feed mill

Feed-Rite acquires an existing feed mill from Solar Feeds in Manitou, Manitoba. 

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Maple Leaf Mills is sold to Canadian Pacific Enterprises

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New Masterfeeds logo is introduced.

Chatham feed business is consolidated with the Komoka plant.

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Feed-Rite expands

Feed-Rite expands its reach of operations with a new plant in Linden, Alberta. 

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Canadian Pacific sells Maple Leaf Mills to Hillsdown Holdings PLC.

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New Feed-Rite Plant

Feed-Rite builds a new feed plant in Arborg, Manitoba. 

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Hillsdown Holdings divests Masterfeeds to International Multifoods Ltd.

Two brands come together (Supersweet Feeds and Masterfeeds). Masterfeeds emerges as the animal nutrition brand of Robin Hood Multifoods in Canada. Three feed plants are added from International Multifoods (Stratford and Milton, Ontario and Mount Pearl, Newfoundland). Milton is closed and consolidated into Guelph. Hillcrest is closed and consolidated into Mount Pearl. Mount Pearl was originally opened in 1964 and the Stratford plant was constructed in 1968.

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Feed-Rite constructs new feed Plant

Feed-Rite builds new feed plant in St. Paul, Alberta. 

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Ag Processing Inc. and Archer Daniels Midland Inc.

A partnership between Ag Processing Inc. (AGP) cooperative and Archier Daniels Midland Inc. (ADM) acquires International Multifoods’ North American feed and grain operations.

Feed-Rite Expands

Feed-Rite constructs a feed mill and farm supply store in New Liskeard, Ontario, center of the Clay Belt farming region of northern Ontario. 

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Masterfeeds acquires all Shur-Gain feed plants in Alberta, (Lethbridge, Calgary, Didsbury, Red Deer and Edmonton).

Existing Masterfeeds plants in Calgary and Edmonton are consolidated into acquired facilities.

Ridley Corporation Ltd. acquires privately-held Feed-Rite Ltd. Based in Sydney, Australia, Ridley is Australia’s largest feed manufacturer and salt producer.

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Ridley acquires Quality Feeds of Lacombe, Alberta. 

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Masterfeeds acquires Vigor Feeds, Saskatoon from Burns Meat Inc.

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Ridley acquires Green Valley Feed Service Ltd.

Ridley acquires Green Valley Feed Service Ltd. of Grunthal, Manitoba and Farmix Ltd., a livestock premix manufacturer based in Mitchell, Ontario. 

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Masterfeeds divests Lethbridge feed business to Parrish & Heimbecker Ltd. (P&H) and acquires P&H’s feed business in Edmonton, Alberta.

The acquired business is consolidated into the existing Edmonton plant. Masterfeeds divestes Newfoundland feed business to Integrated Poultry Ltd.

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Ridley acquires the Western Canadian operations of Daco Laboratories Limited

Daco is a livestock premix manufacturer with plants in Lethbridge, Alberta and Winnipeg, Manitoba. 

Feed-Rite Ltd. changes name to Ridley Canada Ltd. and issues common stock publicly trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange (RCL).

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Masterfeeds acquires Wall Feeds, Abbotsford, British Columbia.

Masterfeeds doubles the capacity of the Stratford plant and closes the Guelph plant.

Ridley Canada Ltd. acquires Macleod Feed Mill Ltd. of Fort Macleod, Alberta. 

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Masterfeeds acquires Elliot Bros.

Masterfeeds acquires Elliot Bros. (Growell Feeds) in Ontario and consolidates the tonnage into the Stratford and Komoka plants.

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Ag Processing Inc. acquires 100% ownership of Masterfeeds Inc. from ADM.

Masterfeeds acquires Heartland Feeds from Saskatchewan Wheat Pool (Taber and Picture Butte, Alberta and Regina, Saskatchewan).

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Ridley Inc. acquires Shamrock Feeds in Saskatoon and closes Saskatooon plant.

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Masterfeeds celebrates 75 years serving Canadian Agriculture.

Masterfeeds divestes Abbotsford, British Columbia plant to Ritchie-Smith Feeds.

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Masterfeeds purchases Daco Labratories

Masterfeeds purchases Daco Labratories, Stratford, Ontario and renames this premix business Daco Animal Nutrition. 

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Masterfeeds purchases Land O’ Lakes Canada, Wingham & Peterborough introduce “Lake Country Animal Nutrition”. 

Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd. Acquires 69% interest in Ridley Inc. from Ridley Corp. Ltd. 

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Masterfeeds and Ridley’s Canadian feed business, Feed-Rite, merge to create the second largest feed company in Canada.

Operating under the Masterfeeds name, combining products, programs, services and our R+D expertise; converging the best of both nutritional programs to bring our customers broader value in Animal Nutrition Solutions across Canada. 

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Masterfeeds 85 Years Picture

Masterfeeds celebrates 85 years, proudly supporting farmers and ranchers across Canada.

Aquires Claypool Western Wear, Saskatoon.

Acquires Maple Lodge Farms broiler feed manufacturing business.

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Masterfeeds an Alltech Company


Alltech acquires complete ownership of Masterfeeds and its subsidiaries. The acquisition accelerates Masterfeeds’ product innovation pipeline through combined technology, research and on-farm modelling production, delivering greater value to farmers and ranchers.

About Us

People Advancing Animal Nutrition

We are an organization of people with the collective purpose of adding value to the lives of our customers, dealers and employees. Masterfeeds is a proud Canadian company that grew with the nation throughout the twentieth century. The lives and achievements of those who built Masterfeeds, personify the pioneering ambition and spirit of this country.

From research and development, to delivery and mill operations, to dealer service and transport, we strive to hire the best of the best. With over 85 years of quality, proven results-backed feed inside the bag, along with responsible business decisions and leading industry innovations have strengthened our company over time. We are proud to have helped grow Canadian livestock herds, poultry flocks, back yard animals and pets – and we couldn’t have done it without committed, ag passionate people who continue to strengthen Masterfeeds and support Canada’s farmers and ranchers day in and day out.

Our people come from every corner of Canada and beyond. They are the face of our country, in all its diversity. Masterfeeds makes diversity one of its priorities, which means reflecting Canada and its regions, as well as the country’s multicultural and multiracial nature.

Diversity encompasses a wide range of visible and invisible attributes that are integral to the theme of inclusion. Canada’s population is made up of a wealth of cultures, linguistic and ethno-cultural communities, genders, sexual orientations, ages, religions and people with different abilities. Each of us contributes to the collective success of the organizations.

Masterfeeds also focused on attracting a diversified talent pool, thus ensuring that diversity is incorporated into the way it recruits and develops its workforce. Through this commitment, the Corporation can leverage our society’s similarities and differences as it strives to become a more open, inclusive and progressive organization.

We are proud to create an environment where all of our people can succeed.

It has been and will continue to be the policy of Masterfeeds to be an equal opportunity employer. In keeping with this policy, Masterfeeds will continue to recruit, hire, train and promote into all job levels based solely upon job-related qualifications without regard to race, color, religion, creed, age, sex, national origin, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, disability, marital status, veteran or military status, genetics or citizenship status.

Mission Statement

As a leader in the Canadian animal nutrition industry, Masterfeeds will serve livestock and poultry producers with research-based and proven animal feeding solutions – supported by skilled employees, dealers and sales staff who are accountable to the ongoing success of our customers and stakeholders. To guide a responsible, aware, forward thinking company, we strive to measure all we do to meet our five Guiding Principals:

Sketch of three unknown people


A people business

We strive to ensure our people know they are appreciated, they understand what is expected of them and they have the tools and training to excel at their responsibilities.
We support future farmers. Youth are the future of our changin industry and through programs and sponsorships we are committed to supporting their development.

Sketch of shaking hands


Supporting Customers

We support customers with nutrition programs, exceptional products, thorough research and development, animal health advice and industry expertise through genuine, knowledgeable and friendly customer service.

Sketch of man presenting with a chart in the boar

Manage Risk

Creating resilience

We create stability through tight management of expenses, logistics, protocols and procedures to control costs and we understand that receptiveness to change is essential for progress.

Sketch of a checklist


Awareness & Action.

We expect safety compliance 100% of the time. Safe workplace practices for all employees is of utmost importance.
Bio-security and animal health protocols are followed daily and reviewed regularly with high level attention and actions at all times.

Sketch of the planet earth


Better for everyone.

We support on-farm animal welfare practices at all times.
We consider the impact on the environment in all we do. Reducing our footprint and choosing the most responsible options wherever possible.


  • Alltech logo

Founded in 1980 by Irish entrepreneur and scientist Dr. Pearse Lyons, Alltech improves the health and performance of people, animals and plants through natural nutrition and scientific innovation. Its mission is carried out by more than 4,200 team members who adhere to the company’s guiding ACE principle seeking the benefit of Animals, Consumers and the Environment in all endeavours. Headquartered just outside of Lexington, Kentucky, USA, Alltech has a strong presence in all regions of the world, doing business in 128 countries.

Alltech improves health and performance by adding nutritional value naturally through its innovative use of yeast fermentation, enzyme technology, algae and nutrigenomics.

Alltech is the only privately held company among the top 10 animal health companies in the world. This is a source of competitive advantage, allowing Alltech to stay focused on customer needs, innovation and long-term objectives. The flexibility has also fuelled Alltech’s growth, which has been approximately 20 to 25% annually.

Alltech announced it will be acquiring all of the shares of Masterfeeds in November of 2015, creating one of Canada’s largest premium animal nutrition companies. The acquisition accelerates Masterfeeds product innovation pipeline through combined technology, research and on-farm modelling production, delivering greater value to farmers and ranchers. Click here to find out more about the Alltech acquisition of Masterfeeds.

Stratford Agri-Analysis

  • Stratford Agri-Analysis

Stratford Agri-Analysis (SAA), a subsidiary of Masterfeeds, is a nationally recognized provider of feedstuff analysis in Canada. Established in 1980, SAA is an accredited lab offering accurate and timely analysis of feedstuffs, soil, plant tissues, manure, greenhouse water, nitrogen testing for corn and more. Farmers and animal nutritionist rely on SAA’s analysis and leading edge technology as a vital tool for balancing livestock rations. In 2014 SAA enhanced the analysis support offered to dairy producers through an affiliation with Dairyland Laboratories Inc. This affiliation allows SAA to continue to meet and exceed dairy customer expectations. It also complements analysis required for producers using the AMTS Ration Balancing Program which predicts animal requirements, feed utilization, animal performance, and nutrient excretion for dairy cattle. For further information on SAA, please visit www.stratfordagri.ca


Masterfeeds retails pet food and supplies, western wear, boots, animal health products and feed products through its Cowtown stores in Western Canada. Cowtown is a Wrangler flagship store, with over 5,000 pairs of jeans in-stock. There are thousands of pairs of boots, shirts, Carhartt workwear and traditional western wear too! Cowtown also carries the widest range of western saddles and tack… everything from the smallest replacement saddle pin to the saddles themselves, and everything in between.

There are seven Cowtown locations in Western Canada – Regina SK, Weyburn SK, Swift Current SK, Saskatoon SK, Moose Jaw SK, Brandon MB, and Edmonton AB.

Sustainable decisions for generations to come

Does what’s on the outside matter?
​We believe in this case, it does.

If we laid all of the empty feed bags we sell in one year end to end, they would stretch from British Columbia all the way to Quebec. That’s a lot of feed bags. And that got us thinking – can we do better? Absolutely, we can!

After much conversation and research on handling issues, supply chain, storage and package durability, easy open and quality control we have come up with a new mandate for our commitment to sustainable developement:

Masterfeeds will do our part to help sustain our ag-dependent planet. One or two colour, vegetable or soy ink printed, unbleached kraft paper bags, with less production imprint and post consumer impact is environmentally, our responsibility. We will take the lead in our industry to deploy long term, sustainable decisions for the generations to come.

Over 85 years of quality feed inside the bag, along with responsible business decisions and leading industry innovations has strengthened our company over time. We are proud to have helped grow Canada’s livestock herds, poultry flocks, backyard animals and our family pets. We will continue to do so with our commitment to sustainable development goals.


New line of sustainable packaging.