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BioTime® (Pellet)
For Improving Hair Coat & Hoof Quality in Horses

McCauley’s Biotime is a patented multi-nutrient supplement for improving hair coat and hoof quality. Biotime delivers nutritionally significant levels of biotin, methionine, zinc methionine, and yeast culture in a very palatable oatmeal and molasses based pellet, which will minimize waste and provide visual assurance of intake.

Feeding Directions:

Feed 28 to 56 grams per day per 454 kg of body weight. The enclosed scoop holds approximately 28 grams of Biotime which can easily be top dressed, mixed in your horse feed or fed alone. For the sake of balanced nutrition, please check with your nutritionist or veterinarian before feeding more than 56 grams per day.

Biotime is recommended for horses with poor quality hooves and/or dry, rough hair coats. While positive results have been observed much earlier, several months of supplementation may be necessary before the benefits of Biotime can be seen.

Features & Benefits:

Contains Biotin.
An essential coenzyme in carbohydrate, fat, and protein metabolism. Deficiency symptoms in livestock include hair
loss, dried scaly skin, and hoof wall cracks.

Contains Methionine.
The only sulfur-containing amino acid that must be supplied in the diet. Hair and hoof are made almost entirely of proteins containing a high number of sulfur-containing amino acids. Adequate protein is obviously a must in the horse’s diet, but methionine is the dietary amino acid that plays the most crucial role in the development and the structural integrity of hair and hoof.

Contains Zinc.
Some of the first clinical signs of zinc deficiency in livestock are scaly skin and hair loss. Most of the common feedstuffs for horses are deficient in zinc; therefore, supplemental zinc is required. The zinc in Biotime is in the highly available form of zinc methionine.


Guaranteed Analysis:

Vitamin A (minimum)...................600,000 IU/kg
D-Biotin (minimum)...................700,000 mcg/kg