Heat Abatement Technology
    For Combating the Effects of Heat Stress


    According to the Temperature Humidity Index (THI), cows can begin to show the effects of mild heat stress at 68 THI. Add Director Heat Abatement Technology ingredient to custom feed mixes ahead of the heat stress period, and throughout the heat stress season, to help maintain dry matter intake and productivity. With reduced dry matter intake and the increased use of glucose to cool themselves during the warmer seasons, dairy cows benefit from the proven nutrition technology in Director. Research confirms the benefits for cows fed Director in their diets prior to and during heat stress increases milk production, improves feed efficiency, increases dry matter intake and lowers postpartum NEFA.



    Heat stress and an associated 10% to 35% milk production loss may cost a dairy $3.20 to $11.20 per cow per day. Hot weather and humidity are uncontrollable, but there are nutritional strategies to help lessen the effects of heat stress. Incorporate Director into your herd’s ration early in the season to help maintain milk production throughout the year – regardless of the weather. Start feeding with Director Heat Abatement Technology early in the season to protect the profit potential of your herd.

    Address heat stress in dairy cows nutritionally:

    Heat and humidity impact dairy cows reducing feed intake while energy requirements increase. The cow has increased energy needs as she attempts to cool herself; a drop in dry matter intake (DMI), coupled with an increase in energy demand can quickly depress milk production.

    Impacts start up milk in fresh cows that continues through lactation.

    Patented Director Heat Abatement Technology allows you to efficiently deliver glucose and energy to cows when intakes are challenged.

    Director provides benefits for transition and lactating cows during times of heat stress to:

    • Address energy needs
    • Maintain feed intake
    • Deliver more milk during times of heat stress