• Net Weight: 25 kg
  • Product #: 54020P

Blueprint® Nutrition Program
Calf Weaning Beef Premix
Designed for beef calves immedaitely post weaning

Blueprint Calf Weaning Premix is a a highly palatable. Designed to boost immunity, prevent disease, and get calves off to a fast start.

Feeding & Management Notes:

Provide fresh water daily.

Provide access to good quality forages.

One stress at a time.
Weaning, de-horning, switching grain rations, etc.

Contact your Masterfeeds Account Manager for specific feeding directions


Includes Blueprint total organic trace mineral replacement.
No inorganic Copper, Zinc, Manganese, or Selenium.

Alltech® technology based on Nutrigenomics.

Contains Alltech Beef Pack.
Increases feed intake, average daily gains, and pre-digestibility.

Medicated with Oxytetracycline.
Aids in reducing the incidence of Bloat in young cattle on pasture or in feedlots.

The Blueprint for Performance through Nutrition:

  • Highly efficient trace mineral fortification
  • Promote reproductive performance
  • Support the body’s natural defense system
  • Support health antioxidant status