Blueprint® Nutrition Program
    Dairy Calf Rearing Program
    Support immunity, optimizes calf growth rates to achieve full genetic and profit potential

    Blueprint’s Calf Rearing Program is a unique and effective approach to dairy nutrition, designed with cutting-edge solutions. When used as key elements in a well-managed calf nutrition program, Blueprint Calf Starter and Calf Grower can optimize efficiency and calf growth rates and support immunity, thus contributing to increased profit potential.

    At the core of the Blueprint product line are Nutrigenomics, which study how nutrition affects animals at the gene level. Our concept of nutrients continues to expand, allowing us to provide diets with both functional and nutritional characteristics. Blueprint Nutrition contains the ingredients needed to shift nutrient profiles in practical diets toward more functional, usable forms that better meet animal needs.

    Blueprint, formulated with Alltech solutions and manufactured by Masterfeeds, is designed to work synergistically to help dairy calves reach their full genetic potential.

    Feeding & Management Notes:

    Contact your Masterfeeds Account Manager for specific feeding directions.


    Total Replacement Technology.
    100% organic trace minerals supporting absorprtion, retention and utilization.

    Starter – 20% texturized or 22% pellet/Grower – 18% texturized and pelleted options available.
    Improves calf acceptability and feed consumption per unit.

    High level of digestible nutrients.
    Supplies the appropriate nutrients required for rumen development and optimum growth rates.

    Highly palatable.
    Promotes increased intake.

    Medicated options available.
    With Deccox or Monensin to aid in the prevention of coccidiosis.

    The Blueprint for Performance through Nutrition:

    • Highly efficient trace mineral fortification
    • Promote reproductive performance
    • Support the body’s natural defense system
    • Support health antioxidant status

    Why choose blueprint?

    • Full expression of animal’s genetic potential
    • Maximize lifetime performance
    • Encourage dry matter intake
    • Aid nutrient utilization
    • Support normal development and bone formation
    • Support calf’s defense system