Nutrition Programs

Masterfeeds is known for our expertise in animal nutrition. We’ve been focused on progressive Canadian livestock and poultry raising for over 90 years. We’ve seen much change over the years, but quality ingredients, research and development, and rigorous field testing are the foundation of all successful feeding programs. 

Our Nutrition Programs

Vigor swine program

A full range of complete feeds for hog performance are developed from continual swine nutrition research.

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Pig Feed

Performa Beef Program

Research-backed results from products designed to help Canadian cattlemen achieve optimum gain and profitability targets.

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Beef Feed

Goalmaker Sheep Goat Program

Masterfeeds Goalmaker™ Sheep Program includes a range of products that are optimally balanced for nutritional health results.

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Sheep and Goat Feed

Heritage Poultry Program

Balanced, quality products for chicken, turkey and duck producers as well as alpaca, llama, bison, deer and rabbit.

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Chicken Feed

Front Runner

Proven, effective equine nutrition solutions for all stages of your horse’s life including senior and special needs feeding.

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Equine Feed

Summit Dairy Program

Products backed by leading research and continual development to support best dairy cow feeding practices.

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Dairy Feed

Rite-Lix Blocks

Low moisture blocks providing controlled, continuous, cost-efficient nutrient delivery for healthy cattle.

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Farm Choice Feeds logo

Masterfeeds Farm Choice Feeds include a range of products formulated for the good health of the animals you raise at home.

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