Seed Background: 

The Masterfeeds Summit Dairy Program products are backed by leading research and continual development. We take great pride in the performance benchmarks our customers achieve through best feeding practices.

Masterfeeds Summit Dairy Program offers a range of nutritional products designed to help support growth development for better results when cattle reach the lactation and transition cycle of their life phase. Some of the benefits of Masterfeeds Summit Dairy Program include:

  • Top performing products supported with proven research and field trials 
  • Milk replacers delivering better results than even mother’s milk
  • Formulations that enhance intake in very young and weaned calves
  • Formulations for better health, growth and lifetime productivity
  • Rations and supplements to promote optimal milk production
  • Pelleted rations proven to entice cows through the robotic systems with ease
  • Block supplements aiding optimal lactation, transitional periods, and times of stress

Specialized Dairy Herd Support

We are dairy cow specialists. For robotic operations, Masterfeeds Account Managers help you master the art of syncing your herd with your system to gain the performance and ease associated with robotic dairies – freeing up your time and providing you that second set of eyes to keep in check the rhythm of your barn. Likewise, all Masterfeeds dairy specific Account Managers see all types of barn styles, herd sizes, feeding and flow challenges and successes across their territories day-to-day – enabling stronger one-on-one support through the exposure and the learning that is gained from farm to farm. With connections to a strong network of dairy professionals and associations across Canada and the United States, we are able to pass on to customers a direct line of broad insights for a national perspective on the dairy landscape across the North America. 

Please find a full list of the formulations in our Summit Dairy Program (left). Contact your Masterfeeds Account Manager to set up an on-farm feeding program or for more detailed feeding information.

All products subject to availability. Dairy Calf Starter